Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.

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Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.

Let Us Make It Rain

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It’s important to get us involved as soon as possible after your damage is discovered. Even if you’ve already filed a claim, we can still help.

Claim It Right

We will help you negotiate your claim the right way and within the right time. This keeps your insurer from lowballing or slowing down the process.

Get Your Money

We get you the maximum amount you deserve. You’re entitled to the highest compensation so you can get your roof repaired ASAP!

Why Hire A Public Adjuster?

Your Turbulence, Our Speciality

Public Adjusters (PA), like RoofLeak.com, are claim specialists who represent property owners during the claim process. We handle the paperwork in filing the claim, and ALL interactions with your insurance company to get your money as soon as possible.

Get The Money You Need

Insurance companies don’t make money by paying out claims. But a qualified PA can fight for you. Studies have shown that a PA will, on average, yield 747.9% MORE money for a claim. 

A Pro On Your Side

Filing a damage claim is likely not something you’re very familiar with. It can be scary, painful, and frustrating. A PA takes that pain out of your hands, preparing your claim and dealing with your insurer so you don’t have to.

How A Public Adjuster Works

We don’t get paid unless you do. Our only fee is a simple percentage of the money we get for you, so you won’t ever have to pay out of pocket, or worry about being able to afford a PA.

How Does RoofLeak.com Differ?

RoofLeak.com was founded to help property owners fight back. We take pride in our founders’ engineering and contracting background. Our experience with roofs and knowledge of insurance company tactics, will protect you from being at a severe disadvantage.

We Claim Louder

The Speed You Need

A Beast In Both Worlds

Just Roof Justice

Our Results

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Our primary goal is to get you the maximum amount for your claim as quickly as possible. To do this, we not only utilize cutting-edge technology to document and substantiate your claim, but we also employ a proprietary paperless system that eliminates waste while expediting our process. Time, money, paper – we don’t waste anything.

Tile Lift Gauge

Important for finding loosened roof tiles that don’t appear loose.


Our “eye in the sky” to survey and discover damage to your entire roof.

Telescoping Camera

Allows us to see inside of walls or ceilings without having to remove any drywall.

GPS Technologies

Uses satellites to thoroughly map rooftops and determine square footages for claims.


Determines relative humidity and temperature to determine the likelihood of mold development.


Provides a picture of temperature differences so we can find damage the naked eye can’t see.

Moisture Meter

Detects moisture hidden in apparently dry surfaces. Helps find leaks that haven’t yet revealed themselves.

Paperless Software

To handle the mountain of paperwork involved in a claim without making forests suffer.

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Get Top Dollar for your Rooftop.

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