Public Adjusters Get You More Money!

You may hear it before you even see it. The dreaded, ‘Drip, Drip’ sound. Uh oh. ‘Drip, Drip’. Oh no. Now what? to the rescue: We’re licensed and trained Public Adjusters (independent, knowledgeable professionals) who specialize in roof leak insurance claims. We come to you and give a free, no obligation consultation. We advocate for you, all day and every day. We know how best to work with your insurance company, so you get the most money possible. At, our loyalty is to you, we work on your behalf and only get paid, if you get paid. We maximize your insurance settlement by leveling the playing field with your insurance carrier. Plain and simple.

Insurance companies: will lowball you and wear you down. Your insurance company doesn’t represent you the way you want them to. They may only offer you a small amount compared to what it will actually cost to repair or replace your roof. The claim process can feel like a daunting uphill battle with no end in sight, especially when you find out you’re getting (d)ripped off by them! Public Adjusters spend time doing in-depth damage analysis of your roof. This translates to a higher damage claim submitted and ultimately, to a higher payout for you.

Homeowners Insurance Roof Claims Have A lot of Moving Parts: A large roof claim can get overwhelming quickly, especially if you have to move out of your home because of damage. Your insurance company may need to send out different adjusters to work on your claim and you will have to be the one overseeing all of it. Public Adjusters take most of that off of your shoulders by helping you keep track of everything; from the mounds of paperwork and forms, to the scheduling and important deadlines, and even staying on top of emails, phone calls and meetings.        

Public Adjusters Don’t Leave Money on the Table: You’re most likely not a roof specialist…but we are. Public Adjusters are able to point out claims money you’re entitled to, that you wouldn’t even know about. There’s no reason you should be expected to be an insurance expert. Our PA’s will keep working tirelessly, so you don’t have to. Oftentimes, we’re able to find language in your insurance contract that can make a $10,000 claim into a $50,000 claim or more.

Most homeowners don’t have the extra time to help themselves properly: People already have full lives. They work and have commitments and most likely, no time to deal with the stress of trying to get a roof claim processed and paid.

You may not fully understand your policy: Insurance contracts can often be confusing documents leaving people unsure of what is actually covered and what’s not. Filing a roof insurance claim (especially one with extensive or complicated damages) can be confusing and overwhelming. Public Adjuster Benefits:

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