Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.

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Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.


Even the most well-constructed roof can fall victim to the elements. Especially in areas with extreme weather. But, no matter what your damage is, we can help you get the money you need to get it fixed fast.

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Storms Can Form Quickly, With Little Warning, And Pack A Devastating Punch.

While most storms affect an entire region (see hurricanes, below), it’s important to recognize that their damage is often extremely localized.

For example, heavy gusts of wind may quickly coalesce into a mini-tornado that causes severe damage to one house while leaving neighboring homes untouched. Similarly, hailstones may fall only within a small area, damaging one neighborhood, while nearby areas are unharmed. And, of course, lightning strikes happen frequently in storms, but are only harmful to the objects struck.

Insurance companies will take into account damage to surrounding homes in evaluating your claim. Because of the varied and localized damage storms can cause, it can often be challenging to convince an insurer that the damage was the result of a storm. This is why you need a public adjuster like Roofleak.com to present your claim.

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Roof Damage:
The Usual Suspects

Your Roof Has A Hard Job. It Must Constantly Protect You And Your Belongings From Some Of Nature’s Most Savage And Unforgiving Forces.










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The longer you wait, the greater the cost to repair will be.​