Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.

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Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.


Of Home Insurance Claims
Are Due To
Weather Related Damage


All-too-often property owners find out the hard way that filing a claim by themselves won’t get them the money they need for repairs. So don’t delay, contact us right away, and let us help you get your claim settled ASAP!

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Roof Truth

Even the most well-constructed roof can fall victim to the elements. Especially in areas with extreme weather. But, no matter what your damage is, we can help you get the money you need to get it fixed fast.


Water has a way of finding its way through even the tiniest of cracks. Try holding some in your hand and you’ll see how hard it is to keep out


Sometimes it’s easy to see wind damage, like a fallen tree or ripped  shingles from your roof, but it can also open small cracks and fissures allowing water to come in.


Under its outer layer, your roof is mostly wood, and wood burns. Even when it doesn’t burn, the rising heat from a fire can weaken it and cause cracks to open.


A lightning bolt can contain up to one billion volts of electricity. That’s enough to briefly power New York City or do some explosive damage to your roof.


Hurricanes are a double threat. Heavy winds can strip tiles, knock down trees, and even help the accompanying heavy rains to find ingress.


Tornadoes are the ultimate wind event, and almost nothing can withstand their high speeds and twisting vortexes. Your roof included.


In addition to wind,  and lightning, storms can also pummel your roof with an excess in water and hail, causing significant damage.


Where there’s moisture, there will eventually be mold. Mold can rot and destroy wood, and cause a host of serious respiratory problems in your home.


It only makes sense that sizable chunks of ice falling out of the sky are going to damage a roof. Hail accounts for 16% of homeowner’s insurance claims.

The damage isn't done being done until your roof is fixed.