Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.

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Hey There! Let’s Get You On Your Way To More Claim And Less Pain.


Your house is your home, your castle, your domain. But it’s also your investment.

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Business Is Business, And Insurance Companies Are In The Business Of Protecting Properties.

But they also know it’s not “good business” for them to pay out the maximum amount on claims, or to settle fast. Every moment they can delay your claim is more money for their stockholders.

You need to show them you mean business. RoofLeak.com Public Adjusters are the “heavy guns” insurers fear most, because we know exactly how to maximize the claim on your commercial property. And, since time is money, we pressure them to make haste, cutting months or even years off of your time to settlement.

It doesn’t matter what kind of commercial property loss you suffered: 

• Condominium
• Apartment Complex
• Hotel and Motels
• Industrial
• Restaurants and Supermarkets
• Religious Institutions

• Educational Institutions
• Medical Facilities
• Business Interruption
• Large Loss
• Retail
• Strip Mall


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Roof Damage:
The Usual Suspects

Your Roof Has A Hard Job. It Must Constantly Protect You And Your Belongings From Some Of Nature’s Most Savage And Unforgiving Forces.










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Your insurance carrier has their own adjuster. You should too.​